What is Sweetest Day? When is it?

Sweetest Day is a day similar to Valentine’s Day when people share romance or appreciation for one another. It occurs in October on the third Saturday of the month. For 2014, Sweetest Day is celebrated on October 18.

The holiday has its origins in 1922, when an Ohio man by the name of Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to spread joy to the neglected, orphans, and others with similar fates. As a candy business employee, Kingston and others in the Cleveland area began to give treats to the orphans and the poor. When actress Ann Pennington was in Cleveland, she celebrated Sweetest Day by giving out candy to more than two thousand newspaper boys as a sign of gratitude for their work. And Theda Bara gave away thousands of boxes containing chocolates to hospitals in the area, as well as to those who saw her movie.

Sweetest Day is celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes area of the United States – such as Ohio and Michigan – but it has slowly moved on to other parts of the country as well.

Sweetest Day Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

But wait! Is Sweetest Day even a holiday?

Is Sweetest Day a real holiday to celebrate general love and kindness, or is it merely a corporate-contrived event (conveniently placed during the school year, but before the Christmas sales season) designed to raise revenue on romance-related items?  Continued . . .

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